From Thursday, 15th to Sunday, 18th with 13 nations represented

This year, the work at the Circolo Surf Torbole doesn’t stop even in mid-August: from Thursday, 15th to Sunday, 18th the KONA World Championships are scheduled, a monotype class with a board which is spread especially in the northern Europe, in the United States and in Canada. After the success of the WindsurferWorlds, which have literally gone around the world with articles,videos and photos, it’s now the time of a different kind of event that is both competitive and tourist, with many families here in Garda Trentino from all over the world to combine holidays with beautiful days of sports and windsurfing. About eighty competitors from 13 different countries will competec, with a high participation from Sweden, USA, Denmark and Canada. On Wednesday evening, the Championships officially opened with the presentation of the teams with their respective “team leaders”, who will compete in fleet with a division into weight categories for males. Four regattas per day are scheduled.

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