Windsurfer World Trophy

Windsurfer Class made the history of Windsurf, and part of this history was made in Circolo Surf Torbole.
This year the WINDSURFER WORLD TROPHY will celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the Class and 40 years anniversary of our Club.
It will also be the first international regatta with the brand new WINDSURFER LT boards, the 15kg next generation windsurfer class boards launched this year.
Charter boards will be available. Join us and competitors coming from all over the world, to breath the original “Windsurfer Spirit” and compete in classic course racing and long distance regattas!

Memories: two Italian Windsurfer Championships were held in Torbole, in 1985 and in 2015. The first one is still remembered among the riders at that time (many of them still practicing), who went running uphill towards Nago, wearing the thickest wetsuit (it was summer!), to lose weight and to be into the “light” category…

But Windsurfer Class was protagonist in Torbole even earlier: An European Championship was held   in 1980 by Circolo Vela Torbole before the birth of Circolo Surf Torbole! You can see the poster of the event below.