29th June – 1st July 2018

One Hour Classic

The One Hour Classic really represents the history of windsurfing on Garda Trentino. It was born at the end of the 80s, when new race formulas were created and introduced to face the large increase of this discipline as well as the more and more up to date equipment, also for slalom.It is always the flagship regatta of Circolo Surf Torbole and its object is to beam reach in 1 hour the largest number of legs around a course defined by two marks positioned on the opposite sides of the lake (east and west).

From 2015 the record holder is Matteo Iachino ITA-140, the 2016 PWA Slalom World Champion, who bested the previous record by an additional 55 seconds, which belonged to Alberto Menegatti, our dear departed athlete from the Circolo Surf Torbole. In 2012, Alberto succeeded in grabbing from Alessandro Comerlati the record he won in 1991 and remained unbeaten for over 20 years (1991: 16 legs in 1h04’35’’).

Today, the challenge is to exceed the 18 legs in 1 hour, 4′ and 5″. There will be a cash prize for the rider who will compete in the RRD One Hour Classic, from June 29th to July 1st, 2018, and will beat this record. This year’s innovation, nearly 30 years after its invention, is that of extending this regatta to the FOIL category: Circolo Surf Torbole wants to valorize its history, presenting this regatta in an innovative way, keeping with the technical evolution of windsurfing. So it will be possible to take part in the RRD One Hour Classic, in the new RRD One Hour Foil or in both! You choose whether to glide or fly!

2018 RRD ONE HOUR CLASSIC AND RRD ONE HOUR FOIL REGISTRATION DETAILS; ONLINE PRE-NOTICE OF RACE SOON AVAILABLE The pre-registration before June 2nd, 2018, is required and the fee amounts to 100,00 € for OPEN category, 100,00 € for FOIL category, 80,00 € for YOUTH category. For those who want to take part in both regattas, slalom and foil, the registration fee amounts to 150,00 €. THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.

The registration fee includes the Gala dinner on Friday, June 29th and the CST-RRD One Hour lycra. From June 3rd, 2018, the registration fee will increase to 130,00 € for OPEN and FOIL category, to 100,00 € for YOUTH category and to 180,00 € for those taking part in both regattas, slalom and foil.

Memories: The very first edition of the One Hour organized by Circolo Surf Torbole, with the President at the time Giovanni Nogler, was created in 1989 by Helgo Lass together with Peter Mutzlinger (North Sails Italy). It was originally scheduled in three sessions held in the same season and the first winner (April session) was “Il Mata”, namely Roberto Mataresi from Livorno, with 11 legs in 1h 3′ and 33″. But in the third session in July (the second one was canceled due to lack of wind), the winner was Antonello Ciabatti, who bested the performance of Mataresi and thus won the coveted award: a trip to Maui thanks to his 13 legs in 1h and 26″ with an average speed of 39,5 Km/h.

Giovanni Nogler memory, President of CST at the 1st One Hour: “I remember very well that day in the office at the North Sails headquarters: there were Helgo Lass, Peter Muzlinger, Domenico Tavernini and I. We were discussing about a new successful racing formula that should have become a “classic” one in the panorama of windsurfing events. And so it was! It was a Peter’s idea: two marks, east and west sides of the lake; same distance, 1 hour, to see who is the fastest rider. The great thrill of closing the registrations with 300 athletes a week before the regatta, says a lot about the windsurfing movement in those years. Only 100 athletes could qualify to the real One Hour; The other 200 riders played only the qualification, but with the right spirit and it was always a wonderful party, just like these last seasons! Thanks to the RIW MAG archive and the availability of Ezio Papalia we managed to recover the original reports of that time! Click on the below buttons to read the news of the 1st One Hour Classic, the event that will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year!

>> 1991 One Hour Classic video!!