Second day of races for the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master World Championships with a lightly wind: the French team still dominates Junior, Youth and Girl divisions; first place again for Andrea Cucchi among Masters who confirm himself leader of the provisional rank after two elimination

Third elimination today for Junior and Girl division (only the looser race of the semi-finals has to be done); Masters and Youths completed the second elimination, unfinished yesterday

Torbole, North Garda Lake: an intense day of race also today at Circolo Surf Torbole for the second day of the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master World Championships. The wind blows more lightly: a 12 to 14 knots on both race courses.

Races started with Master and Youth divisions who completed the second elimination begun on Tuesday and for both divisions the leadership remained unchanged. Only among Girls the leadership has changed.


The athlete of Circolo Surf Torbole Andrea Cucchi is still leading his division with a great advantage on the second, the Turkish Bora Kozanogiu. Third position for Andrea Rosati (YC Anzio) thanks to the today excellent result. 6th place for Marco Begalli (Rome, CV Scirocco, 10-4), 8th for Thomas Fauster (Circolo Surf Torbole), 12th the Genovese Massimiliano Brunetti (Tramontana Surf Voltri, 11-16).

Youth (U-21)

The first two positions are the same as yesterday: the French athletes still dominates the provisional ranking. Damien Arnoux is the event leader, followed by Basile Jacquin. After the 6th position of yesterday, the Italian-Dutch Ennio Dal Pont ways up to 3rd one. Better results also for the other Italians: 6th place for the World Champion Francesco Scagliola (Reggio Calabria, CV Scirocco) and 11th place for Daniel Slijk. Also Jacopo Renna gained 11 positions and he’s now 23rd.

“This place is fantastic, for me is totally different to sail in the almost surrounding views of mountains compared to the Mediterranean sea back at home.

The thermal winds are pretty regular, which is cool to know that it will be windy in the afternoon.

Yesterdays conditions were stronger, the wind picked up in the afternoon and some of us got really powered up on our big gear but I could manage to win. This season I feel confident with my new equipment, tuning pre-sets now allows me to only concentrate on the races.

Today was a different day with lighter winds, so a bit more focus on good starts. I know I have good speed, hey I got 2 races in the pocket and I am happy about that.

The competition is tight, some of the youths already compete on the PWA World Tour so the final is intense but it’s all great battles. I wish for nothing else but to continue winning in the next days.” – Damien Arnoux (FRA 848)

Junior (U-17)

Unfortunately the lack of wind doesn’t allowed to complete the third elimination: forced stop at the looser race of the semi-finals. The event leader is still Lohan Jules from Guadalupa who won even if the wind was lightly; second place for the Turkish Berk Ozcan (2-4-2) and third place for the French Buquet (5-3-3). A very good result for Alessandro Iotti (Circolo Surf Torbole) who got the 9th position in the provisional ranking. The Sardinian Nicolò Spanu (Eolo Beach Sport di Oristano) is in the 2nd position, after the Norwegian Linnerud.


Three eliminations completed today for this division with easier windy-conditions to manage on Ponale side of the lake. Six French athlets on the first six positions with small changes on the provisional ranking. The event leader is now Jamaine Carlotti (2-3-2); second place for Davico Ma (1-4-4) and third position for Marine Marmey. First girl among Italian ones Anna Biagiolini from Trieste (AVW Marina Julia): 14th position for her but first in Junior division (U-17).

VIDEO DAY 2 by Emilio Santinelli©CSTorbole:

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