The first session of trials for this Youth World Championship Rs:X – which shuld have started getting lively just yesterday with the first  day of qualification trials – has been a dry run. No can do for the two hundred athletes hailing from thirty nations who were ready to face the waters of the Garda trentino overlooking Torbole’s beautifull lakefront. It was still an exciting day, livened by the uncertain weather conditions which forced the delay of the trials’ start because of the lack of wind. The Ora was expected, the local southerly wind which makes the Garda lake such an internationally well known training ground for sailing: but the grey sky and intermittent bad weather stopped the race’s jury. The dead calm lasted until the beginning of the afternoon, when a weak northerly wind arrived to help the competition out – at least for a while. The excellent organization of Circolo Surf Torbole and of the international jury – helped by Torbole’s staff – managed to quickly turn the racing arena. Everything was ready for the competition to start, but again Destiny had the weak wind fall and dead calm resume, a really rare lack of wind for the Garda Lake. Nothing to do then for Nicolò Renna, Giorgia Speciale and all the other contenders for the Rs:X class world title but to compare the previous day’s experiences of the track chosen by the race’s jury. Today the athletes will return on the water from the morning, to try and take advantage of the early morning’s wind and recover the first qualification trials. The thirst for challenge is high among the racers and there were some first confrontations on land too. The Italian competitors are well wound up, and have checked their sails and gear to make sure to uphold the Italian flag. But the foreign athletes – who showed their ability to quickly understand the local features of weather and wind in Monday’s practice race – will be no less good than them. Competitiveness is high and all the athletes clearly aim to race at their best: facing here in Torbole are the racers who will most likely be in the Olympic teams for Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

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