Kona Worlds Titles go to the Dutch Huig-Jan Tak and the Swedish Johanna Hjertberg

The top positions are still the same as Saturday: a medium-strong wind for the last two races

Olympic news: from September 29th to October 3rd, after the R:SX World Championships, the Circolo Surf Torbole will host the World Sailing sea trials for the choice of the Olympic board for Paris 2024.

Nago Torbole – The monotype class Kona World Championships hosted by Circolo Surf Torbole on behalf of FIV, ended today with a great success. Besides the perfect weather conditions during all the four days of competition, the gala dinner organized Saturday evening enchanted the above hundred of guests from 14 Nations, who enjoyed a breathtaking lake view from the grass of the club.

The last day of races was the apotheosis of an outstanding Championship: a sunny day with a 15 to 18 knots steady wind assured to dispute two very fast races, for a total of 13 in the all event. In the male category the Dutch Huig-Jan Tak had almost no rivals, especially in this last day races, in which he won with big gaps. So another world title for him, after the victory of 2016 Kona Worlds. Second place for the Danish Tim Aagesen with 12 point less but clearly ahead (14 points) from the American Alexander Temko, third. Temko confirmed himself as U18 Kona World Champion followed by the compatriot Maverick Putnam, who climbed up to the fourth position in the overall ranking. In the female category, the Swedish Johanna Hjertberg won the title with 7 points ahead from the Canadian Gauthier. Regarding the other categories, Anna Vasta (USA) won in the silver fleet and Jerry Caplan is the first Grand Master. The Italian-Canadian Giancarlo Brotto, native of Padua, is third Grand Master.

Torbole more and more as an Olympic center

After this challenging event – mainly from a logistic point of view because organized in mid-August – the Circolo Surf Torbole is now focused on the next very important events around Olympic activity. Torbole, as well as Circolo Surf Torbole will be back in the middle of the “five rings” world with the RS:X World Championships at first, scheduled in a month; afterwards, from September 29th to October 3rd , the World Sailing (the International Sailing Federation) has officially designated the Circolo Surf Torbole as the host of the trials for the technical decision of the next Olympic board in view of Paris 2024.

World Sailing received seven applications from class associations and manufacturers wishing to participate in the sea trials. After the Paris 2024 Windsurfer Evaluation Working Party analyzed the supplied information against the criteria outlined in the invitation to tender, the shortlisted tenders are:
• RS:X, Neil Pryde – Non foiling one design
• Glide, Glide Class – non foiling one design
• iFoil, Starboard – Foiling (convertibile)
• Formula Foil Limited, International Formula Windsurfing Class – Open Registered Series Production scheme – foiling
• Windfoil 1, Founding industry partners: Starboard, Severne, Phantom International – One design for the board – Open Registered Series Production scheme rest of equipment – foiling

The two applications that did not meet the requirements were the Windsurfer and Bow-4Z.

VIDEO FINAL DAY: https://youtu.be/rQCH8cLpm58

gold fleet: https://2019worlds.konaone.com/gold-fleet
silver fleet: https://2019worlds.konaone.com/results/silver-fleet

Photo gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmG8Q4xa

Aerial footage: Drone Trentino

President of Race Committee: Mino Miniati
Tommaso Bella
Ezio Pozzengo
Carlo Maria Rampazzo

Top positions

1- Huig-Jan Tak (NED)
2- Tim Aagesen (DEN)
3- Alex Temko (USA)
4- Maverick Putnam (USA)
5- Thomas Martinsen (NOR)
6- Marcus Walter (SWE)
7- Justin Ahearn (USA)
8- Anders Pers (SWE)
9- Jan Bitz Forstberg (DEN)
10- Magnus Lindstedt (SWE)

1- Johanna Hjertberg (SWE)
2- Andree Gauthier (CAN)
3- Lovisa Toft (SWE)
4- Angelina Flores (SWE)
5- Bryn Muller (USA)

1- Alex Temko (USA)
2- Maverick Putnam (USA)
3- Adrian Winkelman (USA)
4- Jesse Sobovitch (SWE)
5- Philip Pers (SWE)

1- Anna Vasta (USA)
2- Lucien Van Delst (NED)
3-Camilla Irenmark (SWE)
4- Per Brodam (DEN)
5- Conny Broberg (SWE)

1- Jerry Caplan (CAN)
2- Paul Fish (CAN)
3- Giancarlo Brotto (CAN)

DAY 3 Kona Worlds: the titles will be decided on Sunday

The last day of competition will be decisive for the Kona World Championships

The fight is open for the third position of men’s podium and for the women’s title

At one day of the conclusion of this championship, organized by Circolo Surf Torbole and FIV, the male podium seems to be defined for the first two places, while for the third step of the podium there is still a great battle.

Also Saturday, third racing day, the Garda Trentino south wind wasn´t missing, even though with a cloudy sky in the first afternoon, right when the first of the three races was going to start. The Dutch Huig-Jan Tak, after the four bullets of Friday, he manages to grab two other first places, while in the last race of the day he finished seventh. His advantage, from two races from the end he is five points ahead the Danish Tim Aagesen in second place and always costant (today 3-4-3); If the first two athletes are the same of the provisional ranking list of Friday, for the third place there was a switch between the American Alexander Temko (Under 18) and the Norwegian Thomas Martinsen, who became fourth. Between the duo, in the last races of Sunday and with the second discard coming in, it´s going to be a battle till the last lap. A tie in the girls rankings where the Swedish Johanna Hjiertberg managed to hook the Canadian Andree Gauthier, thanks to the awesome ten overall place in the third race of the day. First in the Under 18 female category, third overall, is the Swedish Lovisa Toft. No big changes in the silver fleet, in the lead the American Anna Vasta; second and first in the male category is Lucien Van Delst (Netherlands).

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FIV Race Committee
President of the Race Committee: Mino Miniati
Tommaso Bella
Ezio Pozzengo
Carlo Maria Rampazzo

Four bullets for the Dutch Tak Huig-Jan, who is now in the lead

A perfect second day of racing here in Torbole for the Kona Worlds: a great battle for the top positions

A clear day with a stable South wind makes possible to have other 4 valid races for these Kona World Championships: this is the report of the second day of race with a wonderful light between the water and the beautiful mountains, which always impressed the tourists who came to Garda Trentino for the first time. So everything goes right at Circolo Surf Torbole with almost 80 competitors from 14 nations and also the Italian Olympic team here to practice for the RS:X Worlds that are going to be hosted here in Torbole in one month

The fleet seems to be divided: the ones who are here simply to have fun and the ones who are here to have a good time but also to compete for a World title. With the 5th race there is the chance to discard the worst result and this manages to switch up the top of the ranking: with the races of Friday the Dutch Tak shown he wants to take back the title won in 2016. With four bullets he manages to be on top of the provisional ranking, 4 points ahead from the Danish Tim Aagesen (three second positions and one third for him today) who is now second. Third position for the Norwegian Thomas Martinsen, with 10 points less. The American Alexander Temko dropped to the fourth overall position, but always first U18, followed by the compatriot Maverick Putnam. Among the women, the Canadian Andree Gauthier is still leading, second and third place for the Swedish Johanna Hjertberg and Lovisa Toft, in order. A woman is also leading the Silver fleet, a category that makes a shorter course with a single lap: the American Anna Vasta is clearly ahead, followed by the Dutch Lucien Van Delst.

Kona World Championships: the Swedish Holm in the lead

The favourites immediately in evidence: top four positions are tight

The Kona Worlds started today with the maximum of races planned per day: 4 regular races with a wonderful 16 knots south wind, which intrigued not just the Italian windsurfers present in Garda Trentino, since it is a type of board that Italy has never seen before. The board proved to be a upwind and agile downwind technique, recalling a little the course race boards that have always been very fun in gliding as well as challenging. But what surprised the most was the spirit the competitors faced the race that although it assigns world class titles, it is first of all treated as an opportunity for travel, vacation, meeting with friends who come from 14 countries and all ages. Being there for the sake of sailing, competing, even though there is no goal as Olympics or something higher; a way to face the regattas that in Italy has a little disappeared and from this point of view the Kona’s world is “teaching” a lot. So a very pleasant climate at the Circolo Surf Torbole for this August event, which puts sports tourism in first place.

The first day of racing was challenging for many competitors, who struggled to finish all four races; the wind has settled to 16 knots, immediately selecting the most prepared and the “amateurs”. The protagonists immediately came to the spotlight: in the head after the first races is the Swedish Holm Bjorn, three-time World Champion Kona, who with 1-3-9-1 is in the lead with 1 point ahead of the American Alexander Temko, currently world champion (title won last year in Florida) and the youngest to have won the overall title at just 17 years old. The American with two thirds, a fourth and a sixth precedes in turn 2 points the Danish Tim Aagesen, high-level competitor in several classes (Mistral, World Cup, Formula Windsurfing as well as of course Kona), which with the application of the gap that will take place with the fifth race, will be able to go up the provisional ranking, thanks to its partial, which were two first, a fifth and an eleventh. The same goes for the Dutch Jan Tak Huig (2016 world champion), who is currently in fourth place with two excellent seconds, a quarter and a thirteenth. First female reigning Canadian champion Andree Gautier. On Friday 16th August a further four races are scheduled.

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President of the Race Committee: Mino Miniati
Tommaso Bella
Ezio Pozzengo
Carlo Maria Rampazzo



The Kona World Championships are officially opened

From Thursday, 15th to Sunday, 18th with 13 nations represented

This year, the work at the Circolo Surf Torbole doesn’t stop even in mid-August: from Thursday, 15th to Sunday, 18th the KONA World Championships are scheduled, a monotype class with a board which is spread especially in the northern Europe, in the United States and in Canada. After the success of the WindsurferWorlds, which have literally gone around the world with articles,videos and photos, it’s now the time of a different kind of event that is both competitive and tourist, with many families here in Garda Trentino from all over the world to combine holidays with beautiful days of sports and windsurfing. About eighty competitors from 13 different countries will competec, with a high participation from Sweden, USA, Denmark and Canada. On Wednesday evening, the Championships officially opened with the presentation of the teams with their respective “team leaders”, who will compete in fleet with a division into weight categories for males. Four regattas per day are scheduled.

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