The Windsurfer World Championships goes on with slalom, free style and course races: windsurf pioneers and new champions together with the perfect “Windsurfer spirit” which kindles Torbole’s beach

Racing there is also the Olympic athlete Mattia Camboni, Riccardo and Sofia Renna in the podium area


Surfing legend Robby Naish sent to Circolo Surf Torbole a beautiful video message for all the competitors

These days in Garda Trentino and at the Circolo Surf Torbole it seems to be back in the 80’, with the windsurfer’s colored sails and those same racers that came back to battle and have fun here at the World Championships, first world competition after the come back of the class in World Sailing, the world government of sailing which in November gave the IWCA (International Windsurfer Class Association) an international status. Last season in Torbole we disputed an international Windsurfer Regatta, an amazing training for being ready for this event started Wednesday with the first races like slalom and the wonderful opening ceremony in Torbole’s center. The famous “windsurfing spirit” which made every Windsurfer regatta an immemorable event, it popped out right away between the teams coming from 20 different countries (including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Japan). There was no lack of historical re-encounters, with friendships that were born in maybe a Championship in Australia or South Africa or maybe even at the Bahamas: an unfailing spirit, which has always united competition and a great sense of community, none well as fun.
Torbole, which has always been the center of windsurfing and a protagonist with many pioneers of past events, has welcomed the almost 200 racers, setting up the town with posters, banners and old “Ten Cate” tables on display outside the shops, while during the parade through the center the numerous tourists present welcomed with applause and photographs the colorful and bizarre caravan “Windsurfer”. For the occasion it seemed like the windsurfing legend Robby Naish could arrive, who – failing to be present – sent a video message to all participants he recalled his participation in the Windsurfer World Cup in the early years of his career and described Lake Garda as one of the best locations for racing monotype races.


After the course race and slalom regattas on Thursday 26th, today we started with the free style: amazing evolutions with boards and sails, just a few meters from the beach, offered an other times’ show and above all the “spirit” and desire to play with the sail board and with the wind.
Thursday, despite the early morning appointment to continue with the slalom, it was necessary to wait for the late morning to find the inevitable south wind, which is also blown up to 20 knots throughout the afternoon. The FIV Race Committee, in agreement with the Windsurfer class, has decided to change program by conducting first course race regattas on a triangle course, moving the slalom in the late afternoon. A choice that allowed the dispute of three beautiful and challenging course race regattas for all 5 categories (light, medium-light, medium-heavy, heavy, women).
Today the south wind started to blow on Garda Trentino, allowing only two of the medium-heavy and heavy categories race course regattas to be disputed, which added to three of yesterday let the discard of the worst race.
In the heavy category, the German Meyer is leading, followed by the Australian Bez; third position for the Roman Giuseppe Barone.
The medium-heavy category saw Alessandro Terzoni on the first step of the podium, followed by the Czech Lavicky; third place for Riccardo Giordano from Palermo and immediately behind we have Riccardo Renna of Circolo Surf Torbole. The threatening of a storm and a string “Ponale” wind interrupted the programs and the remaining categories were forced to stop.
In the light category, after some protests, the provisional ranking sees the Australian Gourlay leading, followed by the Astrian Wallner; third place for the Australian Swain. First among Italians, is Ivan Oprandi while Cesare Cantagalli – one of the legend of Italian windsurfing – is sixth.
The Olympic athlete for Italy at Rio Mattia Camboni is leading the medium-light category, while in the female category was the Japanese Masako Imai (three Olympic participations and World Cup athlete), with the young local Sofia Renna, second one with only one point less and pointing to the podium.

Concerning slalom discipline, only three categories were held on Wednesday and Thursday: a fully Italian podium in the medium-heavy one with Cottone, Torzoni and Giordano in order.
The same picture in the medium-light category with Marco Casagrande, Mattia Camboni and Antonino Cangemi, while the light category sees Gourlay (Australia), Wallner (Austria) and Swain (Australia) in the top three positions. Saturday morning, the spectacular long distance should be held with a unique start for all categories: we will see all the athletes lined up on a very long start line in front of the Circolo Surf Torbole.


The history of the class, the first and true monotype with regattas that involved hundreds of racers in the golden age, was able to regenerate itself by launching a new board, conceived with the principles of the early years, but capable of re-entering the market today: thanks to the simplicity of the monotype multibrand, with Starboard, Exocet, I-99, Naish to the “joint venture” of Windsurfer Italy, Australia and Japan, with many others preparing to personalize the table (including the historic Mistral brand).

The rankings – when processed and verified by the Race Committee – will be available on the event’s web page:

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